Taiwan’s Northeast Coastline

Yilan's Lanyang Museum

It’s been a while since I last wrote in this blog. Well, writing takes time and somehow I just could not allocate it. I remember those days when I was keen to write about anything here and in those days, I was able to give myself a standard, around …. words in each article. Currently, I just cannot keep up with that anymore. Since currently I am also struggling to keep writing in the other place (well, you can also visit and bookmark this site: www.stuckintaiwan.com ;)), I want to change my direction in this blog. Let’s keep it simple and more “colorful”. The first content for this simple and more “colorful” writing will be my road trip in Taiwan’s northeast coastline.

I must say in the beginning, Taiwan’s east coast is magnificent!!! It has beautiful coastline on one side and great mountain wall on the other side. Small harbors can be found almost everywhere. You can also take a break in many rest areas, which also provide a lot of attractions and services. I spent a full 24-hour for travelling from Taipei to Yilan. Here are the result of that short journey:

Harbor Outside Yilan's Lanyang Museum

Harbor Outside Yilan’s Lanyang Museum

Yilan's Lanyang Museum

Yilan’s Lanyang Museum

Taiwan's Turtle Island can be seen from Taiwan's northeast coastline

Taiwan’s Turtle Island can be seen from Taiwan’s northeast coastline

Rocky beach...

Rocky shore…

Green beach...

Green beach…

Waves in one location...

Waves in one location…

Calm water in another spot

Calm water in another spot

Nanfang-ao Port

Nanfang-ao Port

Sunset at northeast coast of Taiwan

Sunset at northeast coast of Taiwan


Beautiful rocky shore


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2 responses to “Taiwan’s Northeast Coastline”

  1. alienkeren says :

    Eng, mama papaku jadi dong mau ke Taiwan!!!

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